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Masonic Hall

24 (? Lot 870?) Marine Terrace, 1877, designed by James Broomhall

The original Masonic Hall was located at the corner of Mouat Street and Marine Terrace, and opened in 1877. This continued to be the lodge of the Fremantle Masons until 1958, when a new Masonic Hall was opened for Fremantle Lodge no.1033. ... The original Masonic Hall was purchased by the Navy Club at this time. Heritage Council.

The Navy Club began in 1945 at 42 Cliff Street, before moving to the Masonic Hall in Marine Tce when the Masons moved to the corner of High and Chalmers Streets. The Navy Club moved from this building in 1993 to 64 High Street, on the corner of Pakenham Street. The building was then used as a restaurant. It is currently the commercial premises of a building company.

The Masonic Hall was used from 1892 as the original premises of the Sailors' Rest until its own building was available c. 1900.

Quite a sensation was created in Fremantle in April, 1876, by the escape of six Fenian prisoners from the convict establishment. ... As nothing more could be done, the Georgette returned to Fremantle, where an excited crowd awaited news. Business was practically at a standstill and the ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone of the Masonic Hall, which had been fixed for the afternoon and had been looked forward to as a big event, attracted but little attention. Hitchcock: 63.

The current Masonic Hall - recently renovated - corner of High and Hubble Streets.

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