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Lost Buildings

This is a fairly random collection of lost buildings, but it is still a somewhat shocking discovery to note that of the sixteen I've listed, no fewer than six of the sites are now STILL used merely for parking.

Cliff St Post Office, 1889-1967 - site has been a carpark behind the Sailors' Rest for many years, now used by NDU students. The PO was designed by J.J. Talbot Hobbs.

Ivanhoe, 8 Ord St, near corner of High St, 1889-1966 - now townhouses

Johnston Memorial Congregational Church, Adelaide St, 1877-1968 - now Johnson [sic] Court flats - they couldn't even get the name right!

Liebler Building facade, aka Reckitt & Colman Building facade, 21-29 - only the facade remains; there is a carpark behind it, where the rest of the building used to be* until it was demolished in 1967. * It's possible the facade always was a facade added to some ordinary cottages - I've forgotten where I read this.

Lodge's Hotel, 1 Henry St, 1867-1958 - now an NDU carpark, having been demolished by the Workers Club

Manning Hall, aka Manning's Folly, cnr Short & Pakenham Sts, 1858-1928 - now a building of many apartments

Marmion Cottage aka Government House, South Terrace, 1852-1939 - now Fremantle Hospital

Mews Shipyard, Mews Rd, Arthur Head

Oriana Cinema, cnr High & Queen Sts, 1938-1972 - now shops

Pier Hotel, Cliff St, 1873-1955 - site was an NDU carpark, now Tannock Hall, School of Education, NDU

Prospect House, Cnr Adelaide and Point Streets, 1886-1967 - now a clothing hire shop

The Residency, Arthur Head, 1856-1967 - now a car park

Salvation Army Citadel, cnr William & Henderson Sts, 1898 - 1971 - now Henderson St parking

Villa Maria, Carl Ratazzi's house, Queen Victoria St - somewhere between Shacks and Officeworks

Wesley Hall: the 1842 Chapel, Cantonment St - now shops

WF Samson house, cnr Cliff & High Sts, c1885-1955 - now an NDU carpark

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