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Kerosene Store

aka Harbour and Lights boatshed, Joan Campbell Workshop, Kidogo Arthouse; see also: Arthur Head


Joan Campbell's gallery, 1980, photo Betty McGeever, Fremantle Library image #1288A


Photo by Skip Watkins, 1985, image #E000130 from the Fremantle History Centre. It shows the landward side of the building, and Joan Campbell's pottery kiln outside on the left.

The building currently known as the Kidogo Arthouse was built in 1884 on reclaimed land and was used to store dangerous goods away from other buildings. It is still known to some people as the Kerosene Store, but was also called the Dangerous Goods Store. Harbour and Lights Dept took it over and it was used a boat shed, among other things. It was threatened with demolition but was saved because potter Joan Campbell had taken the lease in 1975. It was extensively renovated in 1987. Joanna Robertson took it over in 1988, giving it a Swahili name (meaning 'small') because she had grown up in Tanzania.


Joan Campbell outside her former studio, exact date and source unknown (1987-1997)


2008 photo by Gareth Nicholson, image #E000820-31 from the Fremantle Library


The area before current developments c. 1980, Fremantle Library photo #LH003432

The Arthur Head Collection

The Arthur Head Collection was a project coordinated by the City of Fremantle with funding from a grant available from the Federal Government to celebrate the Bicentennial year in 1988 [resulting in] a huge collection of materials in various formats including documents, reports, photographs, maps, bibliographies etc. to help research the site. ... Pam Harris, Librarian, Fremantle History Centre. May 2018.

The Arthur Head Collection 1990 Report

The City Council in 1990 published a folder containing a summary of the research Pam Harris mentions above, consisting of a page about each of these buildings. This is one of them.




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See also: mortuary.

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