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Jose's Grocer's Shop

William Jose (1819-1875) built in 1862 the heritage shop and house still standing at 26-28 Norfolk St, on the corner of Norfolk Lane. He was a sapper, and arrived in Fremantle on the Anna Robertson, 18 December 1851, with the Royal Engineers, and served as an Instructing Warder. After his discharge in 1861, he bought Town Lot 168 (26-28 Norfolk St) in 1862 and built a grocer's shop, warehouse and dwelling for his family, including five children. He died prematurely as a result of an accident which injured his spine, and his sons continued the business.

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History. This lot with the two buildings was purchased by store owner William Jose who had arrived in Fremantle from Cornwall in 1852. The limestone house at 28 Norfolk Street was constructed in 1862 as premises for a grocery store. During the 1880s a warehouse was constructed as an extension of the store, which became 26 Norfolk Street. The store was a grocery store and the family of five children lived on the premises. William Jose died in 1875 and his sons continued the business. In 1889, the property was transferred to Matilda Sainsbury who was one of the daughters of William Jose. It is possible that it is during this time that 28 Norfolk Street ceased to be a store and became a private residence. The two buildings were considered as one property at this time. From 1895, there were a succession of owners including John George Thompson, cordial manufacturer; John Joseph Higham, gentleman; Harry James William Higham, grazier, Harry Norman Higham and William John Ashburton Higham; and in 1927 Peter Ebenezer Wodd a builder owned and occupied the place. It was during this time that the overhang roof at the rear of the building was replaced by a verandah open on the side of 26 and closed on the side of 28. In 1930, Nikola Zanze took residence. Mrs C. Fletcher in 1935 turned the portion of the building that is 26 Norfolk Street into a lodging house. In 1939, the property was transferred to Mr A. Zanich, In 1940, the property was split into two residences. 26 Norfolk Street was owned and occupied by A. Zanich and 28 Norfolk Street was owned and occupied by James Crouchley, caretaker of Scotts Church. Crouchley continued to own 28 Norfolk Street while during the 1940s there were several owners of 26 Norfolk Street, including Elsie Dale, Toma Bucat and Alice Tognolini. By 1970, the entire property was again joined and the sole owner was Southern Motors Pty. Ltd. In 1973, the property was transferred to Robert Trevor Woollett. Robert Woollett undertook major renovations in 1974, which included new kitchens, bathrooms, verandahs and roofs for both buildings. This was achieved with assistance from a National Estate Grant. The property was stata-titled in 1979. In 1988 a car bay was erected in the north corner of 28 Norfolk Street and in 1993 this was converted to a stone and corrugated iron roofed garage. The place was entered on the interim list of the Heritage Council of WA Register of Heritage Places on 21 January 1997 and the permanent list on 23 May 1997. Refer to Heritage Council of Western Australia's Register of Heritage Places - Register and Assessment Documentation.

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