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Albert Hall, Pearse St North
Ardmore terrace, High St
Atlas Chambers, Cliff St
Ajax building, High St
Atwell building, High St
The Asylum, Finnerty St
Baird building, 33-37 High St
Bardrop House, Cantonment St
Barnett house, 13 Barnett St
The Barracks, South Tce
The Barracks Perth, Barrack St
Bateman's premises, High St
Bateman duplex, 139-141 South Tce
Benningfield House, John St North
Birkdale House, Knutsford St
Blinco Cottage, Swanbourne St
Boans Perth
Bodkin's Bootery, High St
Isaac Bolton house, Barnett St
Bousfield's, 97-99 High Street
Henry Briggs house, Fothergill St
Broadway, Market & High
Brush Factory, Duke St East
Brush Factory, Duke St East
Buckland House, Bay View Tce, Mosman Pk
Butson Cottage, Crandon St
Cadd building, Phillimore St
Capitol Theatre, Perth
Cellars Restaurant, High St
Campbell's bookshop, High St
Charles building, Q Vic St
Cicerello's, fishing boat harbour
City Baths, Perth
The Cloisters, St Geo Tce
Cold Store, Cantonment St
Colonial Hospital, Wellington St
Chamber of Commerce
Commissariat, Cliff St
Corner store, Quarry St
First Courthouse, Arthur Head
Customs - various
Dalgety building, Phillimore St
Dalkeith House, High St
Davidson house, Fothergill Street
Davies building, High St
The Deanery, St Geo Tce
Dock Buildings, Phillimore St
Dux Factory, Quarry St
Earlsferry House, Bassendean
Eureka Flour Mill, Nairn St
Fire Station, Phillimore St
Fremantle Ports, South Wharf
German Consulate, Mouat St
Gilbert Fraser, John St North
Gino's, South Tce
Government House(s)
Graham Real Estate, South Tce
Grosvenor Hospital, South St
Grosvenor Cellars, Bannister St
Bishop Hale's house, St Geo Tce
Harbour Trust, South Wharf
Heard's boatshed, Henry St
Higham Emporium, Market & High
JJ Higham's house, Fothergill St
Hooper's building, High St
Horrocks & Wadham, Elder Place
Hudson House, Phillimore St
Hungry Jack's, South Tce & Essex
Iceworks, Q Vic St
Imperial Chambers, Market St
Indiana Tearooms, Cottesloe beach
Ivanhoe, Ord St
J Shed, Arthur Head
Perth Jails
William Jose store, Norfolk St
Joslin's Terrace, 131-135 South Terrace
Jenkins Tailors, High St
Kelso House, South Tce
Lacey's store, Hubble St East
Lamp Room, railway land
Liebler, Cliff St
Kidogo, Bathers Beach
Knocknagow, Preston Point Rd
The Knowle, Fremantle Hospital
Literary Institute, Cliff St/South Tce
Lenaville, High & Ord
Lewis, Market St
McIlwraith Bldg, Phillimore St
Manning Buildings
Manning Chambers
Mechanics Institute, Hay St
Moores Warehouse, Henry St
Music School, Point St
Manning's Folly, Pakenham St
Marich building, High & Henry
Marine House, Leake St
Markets, South Tce

'Marmion Cottage', South Tce
Masonic Hall, Marine Tce
Mason's Hall, (fmr) John & Hall, North
boatshed, Bathers Beach
Mills Records, Adelaide St
Moores building, Henry St
Mortuary, Bathers Beach
Multicultural building, High St
Naval Store
New Republic, Pakenham St
Nixon & Merilees, William St
Ocean View, Solomon St
Oddfellows Hall, William St
Owston building, High St
Owen's pharmacy, Canning Hwy
Oyster Beds, Riverside Road East
Parlapa Caffé, 11 William Street
Park Bungalow
Parkside News, High St
Pearse's Building, High St
George Pearse house, Hamilton St East
Pellews, High St
Pensioner Barracks, Perth
Phillimore Chambers, Phillimore St
Plympton House, Q Vic St
Police Stations
Princess Chambers, Market St
Prison, The Terrace
Prospect House, Adelaide St
Pumping Station, Elder Place
Quinlan/Paterson/PS Artspace, Pakenham
Railway House, Short St
Railway Stations
Residency, Arthur Head
Robert Harper, Pakenham St
Roma (Cucina) restaurant, 9 High Street
Round House, Arthur Head
Sailors Rest, Marine Tce
Sadlier Warehouse, Henry St
St George's Hall, Hay St
St George's Cathedral, St Geo Tce
St Mary's Cathedral, Vic Square
Samson Building, Cliff St
Samson House, Ellen St
WF Samson's house, High & Cliff
Sardine Company, Q Vic St
Seamen's Chapel
Scott's warehouse, Marine Tce
Transit sheds, South Wharf
Shenton house, Cliff St
Snook building, South Tce
South Fremantle Power Station
Stateships building, Short St
Steamship Buildings, Mouat St
Strelitz building, Mouat St
Swan Brewery, Pt Lewis, Matilda Bay
Synagogue, South Tce
Tannatt building, High St
Tannery, Russell St
Taylor Memorial Fountain, Elder Place
Terrace, Nairn St
Timothy's Toyw, Croke Lane
Tolley HQ, 5 Pakenham St
Tolley warehouse, 1 Pakenham St
Town Hall, William St
Town Hall Perth, Barrack St
Trades Hall, Collie St
Turton house, Turton St North
Union Stores, High St
Vacuum Oil, Pakenham St
Victoria Hall, High St
Victoria Pavilion, Fremantle Oval
Villa Maria, Q Vic St
Wanaka, East St East
Warden's residence, Finnerty Street
Warders cottage, Henderson St
Warwick House, Solomon St
Water Police building, Marine Tce
Watsonia building, High St
Wesley Hall, Cantonment St
West Australian Chambers, Market St
Webster house, High St
Whalers Tunnel, Arthur Head
Whaling Company, Arthur Head
Webb building, 12 High St
Weighbridge, Cliff & Phillimore
Wine Mine, Thompson Rd North
Wine Store, George St North
Winter House, Johannah St North
Woodbridge House, Fort St Woodbridge
Woodlawn, Canning Hwy East
Woolworth's, Adelaide St
Worker's cottage, Bellevue Terrace
Workers Institute Perth, tba
Wray residence, South Tce
Wrightsons, William St
Yeldham House, Q Vic St

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David Hutchison, Fremantle Walks.

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