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Council Chambers

Newman Street/Kings Square

Fremantle Town Trust (1848-1871) may have met in the Court House on Arthur Head, as Hitchcock reports a "a special meeting of ratepayers held at the Court House, Fremantle, on Tuesday, April 1, 1856" for the purpose of establishing a local government tax.

Fremantle Town Council (1871-1883) first met in the Albert Hotel (where the Commercial Hotel [backpackers] building now stands) for several years from 1871.

Town and Municipal (1883-1929) Councils met in the Oddfellows Hall until the Town Hall was built in 1887 (Hitchcock: 91). There must have been a need for additional offices, and a building was built next door. This seems to have been added to, and then demolished in 2018 in anticipation of a groovy building to be built on the Kings Square triangle, facing St John's church.

1971. It seems those two floors later had added two more of the same to make the building seen below.

The bulldozer is clearing the site which the Queensgate (cinema etc.) complex will later occupy.

The Town Hall Centre unit before its demolition in about 2017. It was not curved: Gnangarra, who took the photo, did that to it because he could. I got it from Wikipedia, where he posted it.


Concept of the 2020 building under construction. It has an internal grassy slope.

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