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Thanks to FHC for the photo #1292C, Betty McGeever, 1980. The entrance to Cicerello's W A Fishermen's Markets Pty Ltd. Note the overpass over the railway. This facility was removed in 1986 as part of the Americas' Cup program. At this time the dual rail guages were also combined. Taken May 1980.


Source and date unknown.


Thanks to FHC for photo #LH005330, Alison Buer, 2007, with this caption: Cicerello's have been associated with the fishing industry in Fremantle since 1903. Stephen Cicerello established a fresh fish auction market in 1958 and opened the Cicerello's fish and chip shop two years later. The site was redeveloped in 1997 with a $3 million building with verandah and jetty. There is an excellent aquarium inside. The building in the background is the Kailis restaurant and seafood shop complex.

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