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Bousfields Building. Architect: C.L. Oldham. Nos. 97-99. Samuel Pearse, a confectioner and baker, had a dwelling, sheds, shops and bakehouse on the site in 1895. In 1897 the original buildings were demolished and a new building was begun, owned by William de Lacey Bacon until c. 1904. Alexander Wright purchased it three years later and remained its owner for forty years.


There were various occupants in the first half of the twentieth century; the photographer¬†Charles Nixon¬†had his studios here from 1901. Ownership of the two halves of the building was divided, Frank Bousfield owning No. 97 and Arthur John and Arthur Noble No. 99. Caris Brothers jewellers acquired the latter half later and installed a new shopfront to the building in 1966. The Bousfield family retained an interest in the property until the 1990s. Bousfield's Menswear was established by Thomas Bousfield at 82 High Street and also in Market Street, moving to this building in 1958. The business was inherited by Thomas’s son Frank; he worked for forty-five years in the store until his retirement. The business still trades under the original name, but was bought by two long-term employees in 1988.


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