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Baird's Buildings

33-37 High St, 1901, with the former Athena Lodge at 35 High St, architect Cavanagh, builder Rennie, between two grand hotels also designed by the Cavanagh studio


Designed by Cavanagh & Cavanagh, built by Richard Rennie, on part of lots 62, 63, 1901, facade classified 1974.

Since the above photo was taken in 2014, the ground floor has been gutted and there are now two shops with plain glass fronts - and the facade has been painted white (it was partly cream).

Since opening in 1901 this building has served Fremantle well. It has been the home of Bairds Co shopkeepers, the Lumpers’ Union, oyster saloons (Lussich & Antony), art studios (Melrose), photographers (Edward Cambie and David Morris), architects (John McNeece - for many years a Fremantle councillor), the long lasting Cafe Continental (Juan Boleda), and even the offices for the Melville Roads Board. Source: John Dowson (personal communication).

In 2016 the groundfloor shopfronts are plain glass and the awning is transparent, like nothing else in the street.


The photo is from John Dowson who sent an email on the subject to members of the Fremantle Society, in which he points out that 'The new shopfronts are totally inappropriate and do nothing to reunite the bottom of the building with the elaborate stucco decoration and Corinthian columns above'.

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