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Arundel Court

34 Arundel Street

Constructed around 1970 by Len Buckeridge, partly on the speculation that it would be convenient for hospital staff working across the road at Fremantle Hospital.

Heritage Council:
The existing apartment block was constructed between 1965 and 1973 to accommodate nurses who worked at the nearby Fremantle Hospital. Prior to this time the site was used as a wood yard and contained a number of industrial sheds. Further historical research required.
During the 2019 Annual Update of the Municipal Inventory and Heritage List the heritage significance of this place was reviewed and it was found that the heritage listing referred to a building or structure that had legally been demolished in the past. It also found that the existing buildings and structures on the site do meet the threshold for inclusion on the Heritage List.
On 25 July 2019 Fremantle Council resolved to remove this place from the Heritage List and to change the Municipal Heritage Inventory category to Historic Record Only to record the earlier history of the site.

Tim Wright:
The lot at the north-east corner of the street was long used for commercial purposes, until the construction around 1970 of the block of flats that is now no. 34. Although some say these flats were originally intended for nurses at the hospital, from a very early date they had a more varied occupancy.*

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Heritage Council of WA

See also: Arundel Street, and Tim Wright's history of the street (* his footnote: The Western Australian Directory [Wise's]: 1900, p. 78; Heritage Council of WA, places database: 34
Arundel Street
; Roll of Electors for the Subdivision of South Fremantle, 1972.

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