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Books available here

Battye, J.S. 1924, Western Australia: A History from its Discovery to the Inauguration of the Commonwealth, Clarendon Press, Oxford—uncorrected scan.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1929, The History of Fremantle, The Front Gate of Australia 1829-1929, Fremantle City Council.

Hutchison, David, Fremantle Walks.

Irwin, Frederick Chidley 1835, The State and Position of Western Australia, London.

Mennell, Philip, 1892, The Coming Colony: Practical Notes on Western Australia, Hutchinson & Co., London—text only.

Moore, George Fletcher 1884, Diary of Ten Years Eventful Life of an Early Settler in Western Australia and also A descriptive vocabulary of the language of the aborigines, Walbrook, London. Scan in the process of correction.

Moore, George Fletcher 1884, A descriptive vocabulary of the language of the aboriginesonly.

Stirling, Edmund 1894, A Brief History of Western Australia: from its earliest settlement, vol. 1, Sands & McDougall, Perth.

Taylor, Robyn 1995, The Moores Project: Conservation of the Moores Complex of Buildings, City of Fremantle.

Articles and reports available here

Fremantle, newsletter of the Fremantle Society, complete run from 1973-2014 (ceased publication) scanned by Garry Gillard for this website. All of these should also be available on the Society and/or Fremantle City Library websites.
(I have created a full set of PDFs of all of the newsletters and sent them to the History Librarian. He has not yet made them available.
The Fremantle Society does not have FTP access to its own site, so the newsletters cannot be put up on it.)

Fremantle History Society Newsletter, complete run from 1994-date (still in publication) scanned by Pam Harris, Fremantle History Librarian, and Garry Gillard, and made available by this website. All of these should also be available on the FHS and/or Fremantle City Library websites. They both have access to the full set in the form of PDFs.

Fremantle Studies, journal of the Fremantle History Society, complete run to 1999-date (still being published) scanned by Garry Gillard for this website. All of these should be also available on the FS and/or Fremantle City Library websites.

Early Days, contents of vols 1-13

Brownell, Thomas, Log of the 1830 voyage of the Tranby.

de Mouncey, P.E.C. 1929, 'The historic duel at Fremantle between George French Johnson, a merchant, and William Nairne Clark, a solicitor, in the year 1832', Early Days, vol. 1, part 5: 1-15.

de Mouncey, P.E.C. 1930, 'Whaling in the early days', Early Days, vol. 1, part 8: 58-60.

de Mouncey, P.E.C. 1931, 'The Round House, Fremantle', Early Days, vol. 1, part 10: 56-57.

Dowson, John 2019, 'Vision for Arthur Head', Fremantle Society.

Edmonds, M.J. & K.G. Bott, J.E.V. Birch, E.S. Morris, R.McK. Campbell 1971, Preservation and Change, Fremantle City Council.

Edmonds, M.J. & K.G. Bott, J.E.V. Birch, E.S. Morris, R.McK. Campbell 1973, Changing Fremantle, Fremantle City Council.

Errington, Steve 2016, 'Places of worship in Fremantle, 1829 to 1900', in Fremantle: Empire, Faith and Conflict since 1829, Studies in Western Australian History, ed. Deborah Gare & Shane Burke, no. 31.

Harris, Joseph 1837, 'Journey overland from King George's Sound', Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 18 March.

Hasluck, Paul 1933, 'Glimpses of early Perth and Fremantle, 1829-1839', Early Days, vol. 2, part 13: 36-49.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1919, 'Early Days of Fremantle: High Street 50 Years Ago', Fremantle Times, series of 12 short articles on 'Early Days' publ. March-June.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1921a, 'Early Days of Fremantle: The First Good Templar Lodges', Fremantle Times (one of a series of articles on 'Early Days' publ. January-March) 14 January.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1921, 'Early Days of Fremantle: De Rougemont—The Man of Romance', Fremantle Times, Friday 21 January 1921: 2.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1921b, 'Early Days of Fremantle: Convicts Who Made Good', Fremantle Times, Friday 28 January 1921: 2 .

Hitchcock, J.K. 1921c, 'Early Days of Fremantle: An Old Church and Its Pastor', Fremantle Times, Friday 4 February 1921: 2.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1921d, 'Early Days of Fremantle: Some Notable Convicts', Fremantle Times Friday 18 February: 2.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1921e, 'Early Days of Fremantle Wreck of the s.s. “Georgette” A Western Australian Grace Darling, Fremantle Times, Friday 4 March 1921: 2.

Hitchcock, J.K. 1921f, 'Early Days of Fremantle: The Jubilee of Municipal Government - Glimpses of the Past', Fremantle Times, Friday 11 March 1921: 2.

Hitchcock J.K. 1927, 'Fremantle 1829-49'Early Days, vol. 1, part 1: 11-23.

Hutchison, David 2007, 'Mystery of a headstone', Fremantle History Society Newletter, Spring.

James, Ruth Marchant 1994, 'Fremantle: the man and his family', Early Days, vol. 10, part 5: 659-669.

Joske, E. J. P. 1974, 'Captain [William Temple] Graham: colonist and coroner of Fremantle', Early Days, vol. 7, part 6: 49-59.

Latter, Bill 1992, 'The night of the stones: The anti-German riots in Fremantle, 1915', Early Days, vol. 10 part 4: 387-395.

McKeough, Michelle, 2020, 'The bubonic plague in Fremantle', FHS occasional paper.

McPherson, Kenneth 1980, 'Future Fremantle: a personal view', Fremantle, vol. 8, no.4.

Milligan, William 1835, 'Four years' reports on the climate and diseases of the new colony of Western Australia, more especially of the Swan River district', by W. Milligan, Esq., M. D., Assistant Surgeon in His Majesty’s 63rd Regiment, extracted from the Proceedings of the Medical and Physical Society, in the Calcutta Courier, of the 14th May, Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal (WA : 1833 - 1847), Saturday 5 September 1835, page 559.

Stirling, Horace 1925, 'Recollections of Perth', Western Mail, Friday 25 December 1925, p. 31.

Tuckfield, Trevor 1971, 'Early colonial inns and taverns', Early Days: Journal and proceeedings of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, 7, 3: 65-82; Part 2, Early Days: Journal and proceeedings of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, 7, 7: 98-106.

Webster, Philip 1885, 'At last she moves', West Australian, 11 May, 1885, p. 3.

Wright, Tim 2020, 'Just another little street in Freo: Arundel Street from 1844 to 2020', FHS, 23 August.

Arthur Head Project, The, Fremantle City Council, 1983.

Convict Walk, 2000.

Hilton plan, 2002, by Agnieshka Kiera

Convict Heritage Trail, 2003.

Town Hall Conservation plan, 2004.

Railway Station submission, 2005.

Slipways Conservation plan, 2005.

Local Identity & Design Code: Central Fremantle, City of Fremantle, 2009.

Pioneer Park plan, 2009.

Warders Cottages reports, 2013.

Books available elsewhere

... available from links here - or described or excerpted here

Aussiana Books (John Dowson)

Brown, Patricia M. 1996, The Merchant Princes of Fremantle: The Rise and Decline of a Colonial Elite 1870-1900, UWAP.

Campbell, Robin McKellar 2010, Building the Fremantle Convict Establishment, PhD, UWA (Faculty of Architecture). Available online to download (not from this site) as a 40MB PDF. (Later revised and published as a book with the title Henderson & Coy, Architecture, UWA, 2017.)

Erickson, Rica ed. 1987, 1988, Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians, 4 vols, UWAP.

Ewers, John K. 1971, The Western Gateway: A History of Fremantle, Fremantle City Council, with UWAP, rev. ed. [1st ed. 1948]. Appendices only available on this site.

Fox, Charlie, Alexis Vassiley, Bobbie Oliver & Lenore Layman 2019, Radical Perth Militant Fremantle, Interventions, Melbourne—contents only.

Longley, Paul Arthur & Geoffrey Bolton 2012, Voices from the West End: Stories, People and Events that Shaped Fremantle, WA Museum.

Ogle, Nathaniel 1839, The Colony of Western Australia: A Manual for Emigrants to that Settlement or its Dependencies, James Fraser, London.

Silbert, Eric 1981, Dinkum Mishpochah, Artlook Books, Perth—short excerpt only here.

Stannage, Tom 1981 ed., A New History of Western Australia, UWAP—contents only here.

Webb, David & David Warren 2005, Fremantle: Beyond the Round House, Longley, Fremantle—contents only here.

Articles and reports available elsewhere

Kiera, Agnieshka 2011, 'The local identity and design code as tool of urban conservation, a core component of sustainable urban development – the case of Fremantle, Western Australia', City & Time, 5 (1): 2.

Kimberly, W.B. 1897, History of West Australia: A Narrative Of Her Past Together With Biographies Of Her Leading Men, Niven, Melbourne. Available online from Wikisource.

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