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Dictionary of Western Australians

I am using "Erickson" as a shorthand way of referring primarily to this:

Erickson, Rica 1987, Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians, UWAP.

... but it is more complicated than that. I don't have printed copies of any of the volumes. (They cost something like $1k altogether!)

I can't give an accurate account of this work - or works, but it's something like this. I got this from someone who doesn't know how to write a conventional bibliography, and it will have to do until I get a more accurate description.

Dictionary of Western Australians - all published by UWA Press [she doesn't give publication dates]

Volume 1, compiled by Pamela Statham - Early Settlers 1829-1850.
Volume 2, compiled by Erickson - Bond 1850-1868.
Volume 3, compiled by Erickson - Free 1850-1868.
Volume 4, compiled by Erickson - The Challenging Years 1868-1888 Part 1, A-K; Part 2, L-Z).
Volume 5, compiled by Erickson - The Golden Years 1889-1914

References and Links

The Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians - pre 1829 - 1888 Volumes I - IV is available online from Friends of Battye Library Inc. The URL is

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