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Union Bank

Union Bank of Australia, 1889, 4 High St

Union Bank of Australia, 1889, 4 High St, cnr Cliff St. An earlier, three-storey building on the site, on town lot 5 (originally granted to William Lamb, who had arrived with wife and three children on the Marquis of Anglesea in 1829) was Captain Daniel Scott's residence, then that of Commissary-General Charles Eichenbaum, and then George and Charlotte's Seubert's boarding house until the house was demolished in 1888 to make way for the bank. The monogram UB may be seen above the doorway. NDU have preserved the name of a previous occupant in the fanlight, and on a corner first-floor window: G. S. Murray, Customs Brokers.

The Church of England bought the building in 1930 for the Flying Angel Mission to Seamen. The one-storey building to the west was the Seamen's Chapel 1937-1960. The Chapel was deconsecrated in 1966 when the church moved their current premises in Queen Victoria St.

Both buildings are now part of NDU.

Seamen's Chapel 1937

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