Fremantle Stuff > Some former banks in High St

4highUnion Bank, 1889, 4 High St

7highBank of NSW, 1899, 7 High St

16highNational Bank, 1887, 16 High St

australasiaBank of Australasia, 1901, 18 High St

commercialCommercial Bank, 1901, 20 High St

22highWestern Australian Bank, 1891, 22 High St

As the maritime gateway to Perth, Fremantle also benefited from the gold discoveries. Major building works were undertaken and a major proportion of the current building stock of central Fremantle was built between 1890 and 1910. By 1896, the commercial centre of Fremantle was well established in Cliff Street as it facilitated the transport of goods from the sea jetty to the Swan River and then on to Perth. The business district centred mainly on the east [sic - 'west' must be intended] end of High Street and along Mouat, Pakenham and Henry Streets. It was to this area that the banks were attracted to locate their branch buildings. Bank of Australasia was built after three other banks in the street. These were: the National Bank at No. 16 High Street, built in 1887; the Western Australian Bank at No. 22, built in 1891; and, the Commercial Bank at No. 20, built in 1901. These buildings have similar architectural elements, are of similar stylistic idiom and have attached residences. Bank of Australasia at No. 18 High Street is sited on portion of Fremantle Town lots 29 & 30 ... Heritage Council.

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