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Paul Hasluck

Husband of historian Alexandra DARKER (1908-1993) the mother of Rollo (1941-1973) and Nicholas (1942-). He was also Governor-General.

Hasluck, Paul 1939, Into the desert, Freshwater Bay Press, Claremont.
Hasluck, Paul 1969, Collected Verse, Hawthorn Press.
Hasluck, Paul 1971, An Open Go, Hawthorn Press.
Hasluck, Paul 1975, The Poet in Australia, Hawthorn Press.
Hasluck, Paul 1984, Dark Cottage (poems), Freshwater Bay Press.
Political writing
Hasluck, Paul 1942, Black Australians: A Survey of Native Policy in Western Australia, 1829–1897, MUP, 2nd edition, 1970.
Hasluck, Paul 1948, Workshop of Security, Cheshire.
Hasluck, Paul 1970, The Government and the People, Australian War Memorial, Volume I: 1939–41, 1951, Volume II: 1942–45.
Hasluck, Paul 1953, Native Welfare in Australia, Brokensha.
Hasluck, Paul 1976, A Time for Building: Australian Administration in Papua-New Guinea, 1951–1963, MUP.
Hasluck, Paul 1979, The Office of Governor-General, MUP, (PDF).
Hasluck, Paul 1980, Sir Robert Menzies, Melbourne University Press, 1980.
Hasluck, Paul 1980, Diplomatic Witness: Australian Foreign Affairs, MUP, 1980.
Hasluck, Paul 1980, Shades of Darkness: Aboriginal Affairs, 1925–1965, MUP, 1988.
Hasluck, Paul ed. 1980, The Chance of Politics, Text, 1997.
Hasluck, Paul 1994, Mucking About: An Autobiography, MUP, 1977.
Hasluck, Paul 1995, Light That Time Has Made, NLA.

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