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Megan Salmon

Megan Salmon's salon is in the Charles Buildings at 55 Queen Victoria Street.

Megan’s fashion career began at Desert Designs, the legendary label that worked with the paintings of celebrated Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike. Initially engaged to create highly successful fabric repeats that have stood the test of time, she later returned as designer of the label’s fashion ranges. Megan was also one half of the WA cult SpppsssP, a label of manipulated, handmade, limited-run pieces that rode the post-punk aesthetic of industry-meets-romance.
Megan’s creative life began as a painter and fine art graduate. Previously well-known as an expressionist artist and superb drawer, her work was acquired by several state and public collections, including the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Janet Holmes a Court.

References and Links

Megan Salmon website.

For more on Desert Designs, which was created by Steve Culley, see this article by him.

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