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Ross Potter

Ross Potter (drawing an osprey, above) was in residence in The Art of Freo Gallery in J Shed on Arthur Head when I took the photo. He works in graphite (as in 'lead' pencils) on paper, and often on a large scale. His recent work has included drawings of a horse and a whale on a 1:1 scale!

whaleHe is in planning to do communal work with various groups, including, for example, students of St Hilda's School.

Ross Potter is a Western Australian artist based in Fremantle.
Originally from Brisbane, Potter made his move to the West Coast in 2007, working in the steel industry and creating art in his spare time. In 2011 he decided to take his art more seriously with the creation of his first solo exhibition. Potter’s passion for the arts continued to grow as his practice developed, leading him to pursue his artistic career full time in 2013. The artist now works from his studio based at the J Shed in Fremantle’s iconic West End.


Using Graphite on Paper, Potter dedicates his time to capturing the details in our everyday lives and finds escapism can exist in the simplicity of our very own reality. Altering perspectives and challenging our sense of place, Potter’s work captures the slow evolution of the urban landscape and how we as a community interact with our surroundings. As we fall in and out of love, it is the romance in these minute details that brings us all together. FAC

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