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Jina Lee

Jina Lee's workshop and display space is in Unit 1 of J Shed.

From her website:
Jina Lee was born in 1984 in South Korea and immigrated to Australia in 2013. She began her journey as a sculptor in 1999 ...
Jina specializes in stone sculptures inspired by organic forms, using traditional techniques of chiselling and polishing to present a tactile and timeless finish. She works with all types of stones as well as working with bronze, incorporating this medium into her sculptures to complement the stone. Lee is hands-on from the very first steps of designing the concept, sourcing materials for sculptures and physically creating the artwork herself at her studio at J Shed in Fremantle, WA.
Her stone sculptures have been acquired by public collections both interstate and internationally.

From the catalog:
Carrara marble, Kimberley granite
110 x 90 x 70 cm
Crossing the ocean can symbolize our journey through life. The waves we traverse are the ups and downs and the ship helps us to make the journey. The ship itself can represent community, family, religion, or anything that becomes a part of our identity. We all have our own ships and our own waves to conquer. We are the seeds of the earth, travelling across oceans, planting our roots, and growing with hope. Like many Australians, we plant ourselves and begin to grow in this beautiful multicultural melting pot, sharing our unique stories and culture with each other.

References and Links

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Photos courtesy of Roel Loopers, from Sculpture at Bathers 2022, Manjaree, Walyalup.

Sculpture at Bathers 2022 website.

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