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Pippin Drysdale

Pippin Drysdale's studio is at 22 Tuckfield Street.

pippinRecognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award to the Arts, and chosen as a Living Treasure in Western Australia in 2015, acclaimed International Artist and Master of Australian Craft, Pippin Drysdale's career as a ceramic artist spans thirty years. Her passion for the craft merges with a love of the landscape, which has travelled across continents and in most recent years has focused on the vivid dessert landscapes of Australia. Her works evoke a timeless and breathtaking sense of space and place within finely crafted porcelain vessels, narrating the mesmorising vastness of colour experienced in the unique Australian landscape.
Working from her studio in Fremantle, surrounded by the catalogue of her trials and experiments – racks of wonderful pots of all colours and sizes that failed her almost impossible test of quality – Pippin Drysdale continues to interrogate her practice from the perspective of an artist without borders. The Falstaffian spirit that imbues her every action is pitched always at maximum intensity, from her explosive laugh - that fills not only rooms but auditoria - to her extravagant generosity and, of course, to her total commitment to her work.
The process of analysis, review and revision continues until she is convinced she has captured the character of each new series of work. The landscape is the ever-constant lure, the catalyst for work, the connecting point and anchor for each new development. Her works is ambitious. It negotiates interweaving journeys through various landscapes describing her artistic practice and her engagement with the sites she documents. Through a continuing investigation of the flora and landforms of these unique areas of Australia and a commitment to engaging with the cultural, social and political agendas that are shaping them, she is open to embrace each new creative challenge. (From her website)

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