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Sam Bloor

Sam Bloor is a photographer and visual artist from Perth, Western Australia. His practice investigates points of contention within the designation of urban space along with perceived notions of value and labour.
Bloor has exhibited in a number of group and solo shows both nationally and internationally including, Totem In Tribute (2016) in Edinburgh, UK, the Fremantle Print Award (2016/18) and Rotterdam Photo Festival (2019), NL. Bloor has won multiple awards and is represented in both private and public collections including the City of Fremantle.
In 2020 he launched Better Days, a publishing house with a focus on contemporary art and photography. 

Fremantle Print Award 2016

Sam Bloor with his First Prize award-winning work. Bloor’s relief print In Unison was chiseled from a graffiti-covered wall and represents a 15 year history of this space.

Fremantle Biennale 2019: Billboard Project

Artist Sam Bloor invites you to step inside Fremantle’s galleries and museums with his playful and ambiguous words in ‘The Billboard Project’. This series of large-scale, hand-painted signs, will be on display outside several cultural institutions and woven through the streets of Fremantle.

Perth Festival: Undertow, Fremantle Arts Centre, Feb-March 2022

References and Links

Sam Bloor website.

All photos courtesy of Roel Loopers.

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