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The powerhouse - from the end of the South Mole, 1913. Fishing boats are moored inside its protection as there was no harbour available for them until later. The tiny beach, towards the back left of the photo, used to called Dago Bay, from the Italian fishermen who moored their boats there before the advent of the Fishingboat Harbour. Photograph G. Sands, A., c. 1913, courtesy Fremantle City Library ref. no. 1694D, with the following notes (which apply to the whole panorama 1694, of which this is only one quarter - the one on the right - so only the part of the note applies to the photo above - on which click/tap for larger size).

Taken from the end of South Mole, shows North Mole, fishing boat JENNY F111 with pilot vessel LADY FORREST making her way out to sea in the background, the empty North Wharf slipway with bucket dredge FREMANTLE or PARMELIA and steam hopper barges behind. In the distance is the North Wharf finger jetty with sail and steam ships alongside. Three coal hulks are secured at the River Buoys in midstream. A two funnelled, black hulled Orient Line steamer (either ORSOVA or OTWAY) is departing, while a P & O mail steamer (possibly MONGOLIA) is at B & C berths at Victoria Quay. A vessel at E Berth is possibly the suction dredge PREMIER. The Fremantle Harbour Trust building with prominent tower is visible at 1 Cliff Street. On the right of it is a group of cottages occupied by Harbour Trust employees. To the right is the view back along the South Mole to the Power House with the tall chimney. to the left of the Power House is the municipal stone crusher. A group of fishing boats are moored in the lee of South Mole where they sheltered before the first fishing boat harbour groyne was built in 1922. Identifiable fishing boats include JENNY, COLOMBIA and possibly KOORI. On the far right can be seen the "new" Fremantle baths. Image may possibly taken on 4 November 1913 as the OTWAY left at 14:40 pm, several hours after the photographer produced another panorama of Victoria Quay from South Mole


From the NE (land) side, date unknown.

Workmen laying electric cable in October 1905 from the Power House to the Fremantle Municipal Tramways and Electric Lighting Board Car Barn in High Street. The Power House was designed by J.H. Eales, erected in 1905 and demolished in May 1961. Photo courtesy of Fremantle City Library no. 641.

The Arthur Head Collection 1990 Report

The City Council in 1990 published a folder containing a summary of the research Pam Harris mentions below, consisting of a page about each of the buildings on or near Arthur Head. This is one of them.



The Arthur Head Collection

Pam Harris: The Arthur Head Collection was a project coordinated by the City of Fremantle with funding from a grant available from the Federal Government to celebrate the Bicentennial year in 1988 [resulting in] a huge collection of materials in various formats including documents, reports, photographs, maps, bibliographies etc. to help research the site. ... Pam Harris, Fremantle History Centre Librarian, May 2018.

The next two photos, from the Fremantle City Library Local History Collection, show stages in the building of the powerhouse in 1905.

George Keane's photo, courtesy of the Fremantle Library, looking southwest, shows the powerhouse in the context of Arthur Head with the Residency still extant on the left.

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Ths photograph at the top is the fourth (right) of four panels of a panorama of the Fremantle harbour taken by G. Sands, probably in November 1913. The collection is in the Fremantle City Library Local History Collection, images nos 1694 A-D.
The second photo is in the Battye Library collection at 006008PD.
The next two photos, from the Fremantle City Library Local History Collection, are numbers 824A and 813B.

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