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About Fremantle Stuff


This site attempts to draw together information and images to do with the history and heritage of Fremantle, not only buildings but also people and places generally.
I am not a historian (nor a web designer); this is just a way of passing my time in retirement.
I don't do (much) original research, just draw together the work of others, as Wikipedia does. I endeavour to show all my sources.
There will never be commercial advertising.
I do not claim copyright for any of my own work on this site, but would be grateful for links to the website to acknowledge the source of any borrowings.
I would be grateful for any comments or suggestions.


This website started as a walk around the West End. Don Whittington was to lead a tour for Cockburn Council, and he asked me to share some thoughts about a walk starting at Pioneer Park and ending at the Moores Building coffee shop. I thought it might be fun to do this as a webpage, and from that a new website just grew like Topsy. And that was over five years and hundreds of webpages ago.


Don did conduct the walk, and I went on it as well, tho it was a rainy day and there were only about ten punters and Don only did about half of what I'd planned. Don is a life member of the Fremantle Society, and his theme that day was the buildings that the Society had been instrumental in saving.


I have found the Fremantle Library particularly helpful, and take the opportunity to thank the now retired History Librarian, Pam Harris, and her assistant Kristi McNulty. The Heritage Council site has also been useful, and so of course has Wikipedia.


The site uses the complete text of Hitchcock's History of Fremantle. As it was published in 1929, it's out of copyright, so I've been able to quote from it at length, as well as providing the whole thing scanned and corrected by me.

I am very grateful to the Hutchison family for permission to include here also the whole of the late David Hutchison's fine book, Fremantle Walks.

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