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White Gum Valley

Smallest of the suburbs in the City of Fremantle local government area, White Gum Valley is bounded by Stevens, Carrington, South and Edmund Streets. It is in the East Ward of the City of Fremantle. Presumably it was named for some 'white' eucalyptus trees that were noticeable in the valley. Several of the streets in White Gum Valley are named for pioneering families in the area, such as Samson Street which is named after Sir Frederick Samson. Most of the streets running north-to-south are named after towns and localities in the Murchison and mid-West regions of Western Australia: Yilgarn Street, Wiluna Street, Nannine Avenue, Yalgoo Avenue, Wongan Avenue, and Minilya Avenue.

White Gum Valley Primary School

Hazel Orme Kindergarten

Kim Beazley School - closed 2008, demolished 2011

Sullivan Hall

Davies Reserve - unknown which Davies it's named for: George Alfred, whose farm was not far away?

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