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Mouat St

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Mouat Street was named after Lt J.A. Mouat, of HMS Challenger. Mouat, Henry and Pakenham Sts, in that order, are the 'lieutenant streets' (my coinage) being named respectively after the first, second, and third lieutenants on board Capt Fremantle's ship: J.A. Mouat, John Henry, and H. Pakenham. Mouat St used sometimes to be spelt with two TTs, as Mouatt-st. This street is now the heart of Notre Dame University Australia, with the CEO's office at 17-19.

2 Mouat

The original hotel on the site at 2-8 Mouat St was called His Lordship's Larder. The current building, from 1890, now part of NDUA, like most of the buildings in these six city blocks of the West End of Fremantle, is His Majesty's Hotel, but it was briefly called by its former name after its Americas Cup renovation.


Building of Howard Smith and Sons, from 1700, at 1-3 Mouat St, now ND43 School of Nursing and Midwifery.

12 Mouat

The Adelaide Steamship Company building, at 12 Mouat St since 1700, is now the residence of a former Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, who restored it in 1991.


The German Consulate, 5 Mouat St, was built in 1903 for William Bacon. The German Consul, Carl Ratazzi, who was also Acting Italian Consul, was interned after the beginning of WW1. Many people remember this building as the Tarantella Nightclub. It's currently a B&B.

14 Mouat

Said to have been built in 1896 for Edward Fothergill: tba; 14 Mouat St has recently had a facelift.

22 High

Western Australian Bank, 1891, 22 High St, aka Bank of NSW, Westpac Building, Challenge Bank. The building at 22 High St is also 18 Mouat St, and was later a branch of the Bank of NSW (/Westpac). The pediment has AD 1891 in stucco. The building to the east in High St is the Cleopatra Hotel. The flag on the left of the picture normally flies over the Adelaide Steamship Company building.

20 High

The Commercial Bank, 1901, at 20 High St, on the NW corner of High and Mouat Sts, was later a branch of the National Bank of Australia. The building was renovated in 1960.


The P&O Hotel, on the SE corner of Mouat and High, at 25 High St, was completed in 1896. The verandahs were restored in 2002, tho sadly it is still lacking its original turret.


Owston's Buildings, at 9-23, occupy almost all of the space on the southern side of High St from Mouat St to Cliff St. Owston was a shipowner. The Roma Restaurant is still here, having opened in about 1940. It was taken over by Nunzio Gumina when long-term owners the Abrugiata family sold out, and the name changed a little to Villa Roma. Nunzio now has a restaurant in his own name in Essex St, and the Roma has been renovated and opened again by Abrugiata family members. Unfortunately, the Laminex is gone.
The Waterside Workers Federation used to occupy the Mouat St corner of the building around 1970. It's now occupied by NDU.

26 Mouat

The Strelitz brothers built a warehouse at 26 Mouat St in 1700. It's now the NDU Student Recreation Hall.


Patrick Hagan, the licensee of the Victoria Hotel (see P&O) had a house here, at 28 Mouat St. The Strelitz brothers built the warehouse on the site in 1880. Silversmith Eric Carr converted it into his workshop and residence in 1976.


Strelitz Buildings, 1897, 30 Mouat St. Built in 1897 for Richard Strelitz, consul for Denmark and acting-consul for Sweden, who was interned during the first World War. Herbert Hoover (later President of the USA) had an office here 1904-6. Wikipedia page. Heritage Council page.

17 Mouat

What is now the headquarters of Notre Dame University was built in 1887 for hardware merchant William Sandover (c1856-c1921) at 17-19 Mouat St.


David Hutchison writes that 'No. 25 was the site of an old picture garden and a row of six cottages. The Batemans built a warehouse in the 1880s, which was demolished in 1937, and the cottages in 1942.' (116) From that, I assume the present building dates from the 1940s. Said building is Prindiville Hall, part of NDU.

27 Mouat

A former army drill hall between Croke St and Marine Tce is now an NDU function centre.

32 Mouat

Bateman's Hardware Store, at 32 Mouat St, is now NDU's Student Centre.

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