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Fremantle: 1929

Frank Gibson Mayor of the City of Fremantle 1929-1951. Knighted in 1948. >

12 February. Proclamation by the Lt-Governor, Robert Furse McMillan, that Fremantle would become a City on 2 June.

Council decision to erect the Centenary Buildings, immediately behind the Town Hall.

27 May. Last meeting of the Municipal Council, before Fremantle became a City.

3 June. Fremantle proclaimed a City, on the centenary of colonisation. Twenty-nine trees planted in Fremantle Park. A luncheon held in the Town Hall for pioneers to celebrate Fremantle becoming a City, the Governor, Sir William Campion, attending with 300 pioneers.

28 September. Pageants on the Esplanade representing significant moments in Fremantle history.

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