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Fremantle: 1886

Under an agreement with the British Government the convict establishment and the convicts handed over to the colonial government. The Comptroller General of Convicts and all the organised machinery disappeared and the local prison system took its place, the few remaining convicts becoming ordinary prisoners until they completed their terms. In 1888 the enrolled pensioner force was disbanded and thus the last phase of convict administration automatically came to an end and the colony became the land of a buried past and a brilliant future.

A party of prospectors, mostly New Zealanders, arrives from Wyndham in the schooner Myrtle. Those men had been unfortunate in their prospecting at the Hall's Creek goldfields, but were the pioneers of systematic prospecting and later became a great help in the discovery of gold reefs in various parts of the colony. Among them was A. E. Brown, of Auckland, who established a boat-building yard in Marine Terrace, from which were launched many fine craft, including pearling luggers, yachts, etc.

Fremantle Rowing Club founded. The club became noted for its regattas on June 1 and for its excellent annual dance, which was one of the chief social features of the town for many years.

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