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Fremantle: 1883

Sir Frederick Broome KCMG Governor 1883-1890.

Fremantle now a corporation presided over by a mayor, BC Wood being the first to occupy that position 1883-5.

In 1883 a proprietary grammar school was established in Fremantle and a school house, now Girton College, was built at the top of High Street, a trained master (Henry Briggs) being brought from England. In 1886 the master resigned and established a school of his own, which resulted in the closing of the first school and the ultimate occupation of the building by the new school, which had a course of great prosperity until the retirement of Briggs in 1897. Briggs afterwards achieved distinction in the political arena and was president of the Legislative Council when he was knighted.

March. SS Macedon, bound for the North-West with a survey party on board, wrecked off Rottnest. No lives lost.

Epidemic of measles. Mortality among adults unusually heavy; the remnant of aboriginals in the district nearly wiped out.

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