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Fremantle: 1868

Sir Benjamin Pine Governor 1868-9, Hampton having resigned.

The arrival of the Hougoumont on January 10th with the Fenians on board marked the end of the transportation period that had existed for 18 years. The Fenians were not desperadoes by any means, yet the decision of the Imperial Government to send them to the colony created quite a scare among timid people. To allay those fears H.M.S. Brisk was sent to Fremantle, where she remained for some months. A company of the 14th Regiment was also sent from New Zealand, though the enrolled guard of military pensioners already here was ample for coping with any outbreak of unarmed prisoners that might have occurred. In addition there was also a comparatively large force of volunteer riflemen.

Up to 1868, when the Medical Registration Act came into force, anyone who liked could practise as a doctor. The Act permitted all who had been previously practising medicine to register whether they held a diploma or not, consequently every chemist in the place registered. Not one of those pseudo-doctors is left.

6 June. Owen Francis buried at Fremantle Cemetery: cause of death, Mauritius Fever, also known as chikungunya – a mosquito-spread virus.

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