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Fremantle: 1866

The first road bridge across the Swan River completed, built out of timber by convict labour 1863-7. It was called the North Fremantle Bridge, and, after the second bridge was constructed, the High Level Bridge - and also the 'stick bridge'.

First bank was opened in the town: the National Bank of Australasia Ltd opened a branch under the management of R. H. Sutherland (possibly at 20 High St?)

December. Captain Owston' s schooner, New Perseverance wrecked in Cossack Creek, driven so far on the land by a tidal wave that it was impossible to refloat her. It was said that her stranded hull was subsequently used by G. S. Seubert as a taproom when that he secured a licence for the sale of liquor in Cossack.

First shipment of articles of produce and manufacture of the colony sent in the David and Jessie to Melbourne for the Intercolonial Exhibition.

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