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Fremantle: 1848

Captain Charles Fitzgerald Governor 1848-1855.

22 April. Membership of the first Town Trust for Fremantle published in the Perth Gazette: Capt Daniel Scott (chairman), A Francisco, William Pearse, Alfred Davies, John Bateman, E Yelverton.

A project to remove the bar at the mouth of the Swan River strongly opposed by the people of Fremantle, fearing that it might lead to the shipping being taken to Perth. An unsuccessful attempt to carry out the work was made in 1849. It was nearly half a century later before any but small vessels could enter the river.

September. Government schooner Champion back from the Abrolhos after an unsuccessful quest for treasure supposed to have been buried there in 1727 by the mutineers of the Dutch ship Zeewyck.

November. Bishop Short arrives from Adelaide on his first pastoral visit to Western Australia and consecrates St John's Church. Short St is later named after him.

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