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South Terrace

The first building in South Terrace coming from the north is the Newcastle Club Hotel.


Newcastle Club Hotel, 1897, aka Newport since the Americas Cup defence, 2 South Terrace, on the corner with Market St


Gino's is opposite the Newport.


The Literary Institute was renamed the Evan Davies building when it became Fremantle's library. It would now be known as the Dome building.


James Gallop's King's Theatre (Metropolis nightclub) is next to the Freemasons.


The Freemasons Hotel (Sail and Anchor since the Americas Cup defence) is on one corner of Henderson St.


Fremantle Markets is on the other corner of Henderson St.


The 1877 Infant and Girls School is now part of the Marine Studies TAFE.


The Scots Church is on the corner of what is now Parry St. (I think it would have been Norfolk St when it was built.)


The synagogue is on the opposite corner of Parry St.


The Oddfellows Hotel is on the corner of Norfolk St, and now has that name. It was renovated at the time of the Americas Cup defence - the 'renovation' in this case meaning that the front half of the building was completely removed.


The now closed Stan Reilly Centre for the aged stands pretty much where the Barracks used to be 1853-1950s.


What I am calling the Snook Building (which dates possibly from 1880) is opposite what was the Stan Reilly Centre. It stands out by its remoteness at the moment from other buildings. Current tenants are the Record Cellar (literally in a cellar) and a tax accountant.


Fremantle Hospital extends from opposite the corner of Suffolk St to Alma St. Various South Terrace school buildings once stood here.

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