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Quarry Street

Obviously named for the quarry which was there, this short street is currently under serious development on the northwestern side. There is only one block depth between this street and Queen Victoria St, so most of the buildings here have numbers relating to the latter. Quarry St retains few heritage buildings. Those I have provided pages for are at nos 23 and 25.
There is a photo of a house CY O'Connor inhabited 1891 and 1898-1900, Park Bungalow, at 7 Quarry St . There is a child-minding centre there now.


Park Bungalow was demolished in 1961.


Corner store, 23 Quarry St. The barely retained sign reads ALES WINES SPIRITS Retailed Here.


25 Quarry St is now Fremantle Press. It was at one time the residence and workshop of Scott Wise, luthier.

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