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Newman Street

Newman Street - now Newman Court - runs the one block between Queen and William Streets. It is named for Edward Newman, MP. It used to divide the Town Hall group of buildings from various industrial buildings. Now it runs behind the new 'civic centre' building and the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) development on the sites of the former Myer and Queensgate buildings.


In 1957, the buildings along the south side of the street (top left above) were, according to Fremantle Library notes: "Harris Scarfe and Sandovers demolished c1971 to make way for Myer (1985 Boans) which was opened on 1.08.1972. Dixon/Hutton/ Swansea demolished February 1967. Third building from left occupied by W.H.J. Hardie 1910-1930. Westralian Farmers Co-Operative Ltd demolished November 1962. Burns Philp and Co. Ltd. Constructed in 1898 as Monger's West Australian Stores Ltd. Architect Archer William Hoskings ( 1868-1911). Occupied by Burns Philp 1905/1906, demolished September 1971. Woolworths opened on the Burns Philp site 3.06.1972."

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