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Nairn Street

Nairn Street is named after Major William Nairn of the 46th, original grantee of Grass Valley near Northam. He and his family arrived on the Marquis of Anglesea in 1829. The street is notable for the high proportion of early dwellings, for a street so close to the city centre, running as it does the one block between Market and Pakenham Streets. Some of the houses are used for commercial/professional purposes. There was a major fire around 1901 at the Eureka Flour Mill, most of which still stands.

1 and 3 Nairn St are a pair of semis.

2-4 Nairn St would be what is now Pakenham Apartments, at 56 Pakenham St, on the corner with Nairn St, which in 1998 was a warehouse and offices for W.D. Moore. It later provided accommodation for a confectionary manufacturer, a wool broker, a skin and hide store, a ship repairer, a panel beater, a designer, and an oyster supplier, tho not all at the same time.

There is currently (2018) a restaurant called Strange Company at 5 Nairn St, in a new building.


No. 6. W.D. Moore bought the property in 1864. Possibly in partnership with W.E. Marmion, he established the Diamond Flour Mill on the site in c. 1870. That mill was burnt down and a new mill built in 1876, and known at that time as the Phoenix Mill. The property was bought by Fremantle Milling Company in 1891 and renamed the Eureka Mill. The company moved to Cottesloe in 1905. In 1950 the former mill and warehouse were used by Westralian Farmers Ltd as a woolstore. In the 1980s the building was altered to house a restaurant with accommodation on the upper level, and in the 1990s the former warehouse was converted to apartments. Hutchison, 2006


Nos. 16-18 [14-16?]. The first building on the site was a cottage for the Higham family, built between 1873 and 1880. In the late 1880s a new owner, Edward William Davies, a prominent Fremantle businessman, demolished the cottage and had two semi-detached six-bedroom townhouses constructed. The property remained in the Davies family until 1940. In 1983 the residences were restored by the architect Carl Payne and extensions were added in 1995. Hutchison, 2006.


This old building on the corner of Nairn and Market Street was occupied in the 1950s by J F Graham Real Estate and by Bell Bros Tyres. The original shingles were being replaced with iron when this photo was taken. FHC #4717.

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