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Marmion Street

Marmion Street runs from East Street all the way to Riseley Street, functioning as a secondary/alternative main road between Canning and Leach Highways. It is named after William Edward Marmion (1845-1896), member of the Western Australian Legislative Council from 1870 to 1890, and a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly from 1890 to 1896, and was commissioner of crown lands and minister for mines in the first representative government, led by Premier John Forrest.

Both photos: Marmion Street looking west from Duke Street, the second one in 1905, but only just after the first one, as the poles are already in place for the tram power lines.

Marmion Street showing wooden houses and limestone road. Plympton School is on the extreme left edge. Near the centre, on the corner of King Street, is M.J. France, Grocer.

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Fremantle Library is the source of the first photo and indented caption.

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