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Market Street

North to south, Market Street runs from Phillimore St (and Elder Place) to Collie St (and South Terrace). It is called Market St not because it led towards the site of the present Fremantle Markets but because it was intended that there should be markets at the northern end, where the present Railway Station is. J.S. Roe's survey of 1833 shows that a Market Place was planned to be there.


The building on the corner, a Pumping Station and (very closed) toilets, could be seen as 1 Elder Place, as Phillimore St takes that name after the Market St intersection,


Between the pumping station and the coffee shop is the Taylor Memorial Fountain and Horse Trough.


I'm calling this the Lewis building because it was built for him, and seems never to have had any other name. It has the lowest number in the street: 2-6. If there were a number 1 it would be where Pioneer Park now is. The building currently houses a coffee shop called Il Cibo, and a didgeridoo shop.


Between the Lewis building and the Wesley church on the corner of Cantonment St are some very ordinary shopfronts where the Wesley arcade used to be.


The first building on the western side of Market St is the (current) 1907 Post Office.

wa chambers

West Australian Chambers used to be between the Post Office and Princess Chambers.


This is the original Princess Chambers, 1897. The 1912 building next door is also called Princess Chambers, but I think it should be called the Princess Theatre building, even tho the cinema was closed in 1969, to distinguish it from this one.


The 1912 building on the corner of Market and Leake Streets should be known as the Princess Theatre building, even tho the cinema was closed in 1969, to distinguish it from Princess Chambers next door.


The Imperial Chambers building occupies the whole space between Leake St and the National Hotel on the corner of High St.


The present National Hotel building has been on the corner of High St since 1902, tho it's had quite a bit of restoration work done.


Higham's Buildings run all the way from High St to Bannister St, and also some way into High St. See also: Palladium Theatre.


Barney Silbert's Corner, c. 1900, is one small part of the extensive Manning Buildings.


The Broadway, Stevenson & Finch's mercery, postcard, c.1900; now a 7/11 junkfood store


Newcastle Club Hotel, 1897, aka Newport since the Americas Cup defence, 2 South Terrace, on the corner with Market St

arthur e davies

Building of Arthur E. Davies & Co., funeral directors, on the corner of Bannister St


Sandrino, 99 Market St cnr Nairn St

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