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East Street

East Street is the boundary between the City of Fremantle and East Fremantle, running from the river (Beach Street/Riverside Road) and the High Street, on the other side of which it becomes Swanbourne Street.

Significant buildings in East Street

Wanaka used to stand near the corner with Riverside Road. Following that were the Captain Fremantle Motor Lodge (with its Sunny's Shining on the Swan restaurant). There is now a condo there.

The Church of Christ Scientist is on the SW corner of East Street with the Canning Highway.

The East Fremantle Primary School is on the corner of East and Marmion Streets (in Fremantle).

On the other side of East Street (opposite the primary school) is John Curtin High School (which now has the grandiose appellation: College of the Arts).

The cutting, with tram tracks being laid, between Marmion and High Streets. (Thanks to Peter Vinci for making the c. 1905 photo available.)

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