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Curedale Street

Curedale Street is named for the family who owned land there. 'George Curedale purchased eighty-two acres of land from the estate of Henry Maxwell Lefroy in 1881. He developed the land as an orchard/vineyard.' (Freo Library) The Curedales lost the property to the Davies family, after whom the adjacent street is named. Kate Caldwell writes, 'The land on which this street and the Grosvenor Hospital were built originally belonged to the Curedale family, but was lost by foreclosure to the Davies family, George Davies [Alfred George Davies] the founder being born in 1776 and dying 1853. Davies Street adjoins Curedale Street.' The Grosvenor Hospital, at 151 South Street Beaconsfield, built for George Alfred Davies, is now the Sivananda Ashram and Beacon Yoga Centre. For more on the history of the area, see Davies Street.

References and Links

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