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Croke Lane

Lt-Capt James Nias Croke was Harbourmaster from 1868. Croke Lane used to be Dalgety Street, as the warehouse of Dalgety & Co. was once on the northern side of the street, but was changed to avoid confusion with Dalgety Street in East Fremantle (which got its name from William Dalgety Moore who had his Woodside estate there. Dalgety & Co. got its name from founder Frederick Dalgety, a Scot who started the business in Melbourne.) Croke Street was named 1873, and the Lane would have been so named from the Street.

The buildings on the southern side of Croke Lane are part of the Commissariat complex, buildings of the Imperial Convict Establishment.

Northern side: Commercial Building nos. 2-4 Croke Lane - at the seaward end. Attributed to J.J. Talbot Hobbs as architect.
A warehouse was listed on this site in the 1891 rate book. The site was owned from 1893 to 1902 by the stock and shipping merchants Dalgety Company, which later relocated to the corner of Phillimore and Cliff Streets. In 1933, the building was bought by Western Star Milling and the rear section was converted to a four mill. The building was sold to the biscuit manufacturers Mills and Wares in c. 1966; it continued in use until the closure of the latter and was converted to residential apartments in 1986. Hutchison: 94.

Right of Way:

Hutchison: Down a lane beside this building are two limestone facades, one of them with a simple form of Dutch gable. They may be the only surviving facades from the 1830s and may have been part of the original Shenton Building. Photo: David Hutchison.

The building with the Dutch gable has the street address 1 Croke Lane, tho it is not actually on the Lane but on a ROW which continues as far as (but probably not into) the rear of Lionel Samson & Co. in Cliff Street. Said building is, on this site, called Timothy's Toys.

The Elder Shenton & Co. building is on the northeastern corner of Croke Lane, at 37-45 Cliff Street.

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