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Burt Street

Burt Street was named in honour of Sir Archibald Paull Burt (1810-79), the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of WA 1861-79, until his death. The eastern end of Burt Street, up to East Street, was previously called Finnerty Street.

Looking down at Burt Street, which extends across most of the photograph, from the vicinity of Cantonment Hill. Fremantle Library Local History Collection 1903 image #534A. The Library caption has: 'View of Fremantle from vicinity of Cantonment Hill. Note: Lunatic Asylum, Quarry Street, Burt Street and Skinner Street.'
[Compare image #534B, possibly (from the enumeration) taken on the same day from about the same location.]
The street on the right with which Burt Street intersects is Quarry Street. The one towards the left is Skinner Street - the prominent left hand bit of which is now Tuckfield Street.

Remarkably, it seems that all of the houses between Quarry and Skinner Streets still exist: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, and 17. I'll just show one example from now (Google Maps): the house third from the right in that group, no. 5:

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Fremantle Library Local History Collection 1903 image #534A.

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