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Arundel Street

ARUNDEL—Edwd. Geo. Fitzalan Howard, first Baron Howard of Glossop (1818-1883), second son of the 13th Duke of Norfolk, was M.P. for Arundel in England from 1853 to 1863, losing his seat in the general election that year. Howard-street adjoins Arundel-street, thus making the connection. Between this street and Howard-street was situated the old water jetty. The Fremantle sea baths which were demolished in the early part of this century were built over the spot. Eastward of the jetty was a well and a pump house. The water was carried by a pipe to the jetty where it was put into casks and shipped on lighters to be transferred to overseas vessels anchored in the roads.
HOWARD—The streets in this locality run as follows from the centre of the town—Norfolk, Suffolk, Arundel, Howard, Russell, Grey, Lord (now Price). Lords Grey, Russel and Howard were all politicians during the administration of 1846-1852, Lord John Russell being Prime Minister. Edwd. Geo. Fitzalan Howard (1818-1883), on the death of his grandfather in 1842, became known as Lord Edward Howard. When Russell came into power in July, 1846, he was Vice-Chamberlain to the Queen and a P.C. till March, 1852. He was a Liberal and Roman Catholic, and an ardent worker for the Catholic Education Fund, for which he obtained £10,000 from his son-in-law the Marquis of Bute and £10,000 from the Duke of Norfolk, his nephew, giving at the same time £5,000 himself. His father Henry Charles (1791-1856), the 13th Duke of Norfolk, was also Master of the Horse during Russell’s term of office. It might be thought strange that if the streets were to perpetuate the names of particular Lords, the distinguishing name “Lord” did not come first in order of streets from High-street, as centre of the town. It must, however, be pointed out that these streets were not surveyed until the ’fifties, while the adjoining streets Norfolk and Suffolk had been in existence since 1833. It would therefore seem as if the early town planners had in mind the appropriateness of Arundel and Howard following on Norfolk and Suffolk, as the dukedoms of both these places have been held by the Howard family, whereas Arundel is one of their country seats.

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