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HMS Success

HMS Success was an Atholl-class 28-gun sixth-rate wooden sailing ship notable for exploring Western Australia and the Swan River in 1827 as well as being one of the first ships to arrive at the fledgling Swan River Colony two years later, at which time she ran aground off Carnac Island.
She was sent by the Royal Navy on a mission to New South Wales and Melville Island. She made an expedition to the Swan River in 1827, arriving there in early March. Captain James Stirling was in command. Wikipedia.

[the other ship] Success

In 1843 the ship Success was stranded at Fremantle during a gale and was saved only after great difficulty and expense. That ship was purchased in 1852 by the Victorian Government, her crew having deserted her for the goldfields, and was used as a floating prison. Fifty years afterwards she was acquired by Americans and exhibited in the United States and in British ports as a convict show ship. The vessel is now 88 years old and is about to make another voyage to Australia to be converted into a floating museum. That ship was not identical with H.M.S. Success, in which Captain Stirling made his first voyage to the colony. Hitchcock: 30.

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