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HMS Success, Capt Stirling's ship, arrived in 1827.


1829: a list of all twenty-one ships that arrived in the first year of settlement (Hitchcock: 15)

HMS Challenger, Capt Fremantle's ship, arrived 25 April 1829, to 'claim' the territory.

The barque Parmelia brought Governor Stirling with the first settlers to the Colony, arriving 2 June 1929.

HMS Sulphur brought the military who accompanied the first settlers, 8 June 1829.

Calista arrived 5 August 1829, bringing Lionel Samson and Daniel Scott.

Marquis of Anglesea, the sixth ship, arrived 23 August 1829 with 104 passengers, and was wrecked on Point Marquis at Bathers Bay 4 September.

Caroline arrived 12 October 1829, bringing three Henty brothers, Alfred Stone, William Mackie, and the Bashfords, Pettitt ancestors.

Gilmore, under the command of WH Geary, arrived 15 December, with Thomas Peel and settlers

1830 and later

1830 ship arrivals (Hitchcock: 16-17)

Scindian brought the first convicts to Fremantle, 1 June 1850, and Edmund Henderson.

On the Anna Robertson in December 1851 arrived Henry Wray RE, together with 65 Sappers and Miners (Royal Engineers), William Ayshford Sanford, Colonial Secretary and designer of the Boys School (1855), RC Bishop Brady, and Rev Dr Coyle Surgeon.

The Nile in 1858 brought more convicts, sappers, warders, and the first Bishop of Perth, Mathew Blagden Hale.

The frigate Hougoumont brought the last convicts - and some 60 political prisoners, Fenians - arriving 10 January 1867.

The whaler Catalpa was used in the escape of six Fenians in 1876.

The SS Georgette unsuccessfully attempted to stop the escape of Fenians in the Catalpa in 1876.

SS Sultan was the first steamship to enter the new Harbour, 4 May 1899.

City of York was wrecked on Rottnest Island 12 July 1899.

Carlisle Castle was wrecked off Penguin Island in the same storm 11 July 1899.

SS Lygnern was wrecked off South Mole in 1928.

References and Links

Ships that brought members of the Enrolled Pensioner Force.

Ships that brought convicts.

Diane Oldman has a list of thirteen ships, with exhaustive pages for many, on her site Royal Sappers and Miners in WA, those ships having brought Royal Engineers to the Colony 1850-1862.

Diane Oldman's Crimean War Veterans in WA site contains similar pages for convict ships which brought vets, 1856-1877.

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WA Genealogical Society, which has passenger lists, etc.

WA Genealogical Society 1829 ship arrivals.

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