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Lance Holt School

10 Henry St


Lance Holt set up three 'alternative' schools in 1970: Moerlina School (now in Brockway Road Mt Claremont), Foothills School, Guildford (now Corridors College, Midland), and this one.

The original Lance Holt School was founded in 1970 by the educational pioneer Lance Holt, with 21 students in a building in North Fremantle. Four years later, the school moved to its current home at 10 Henry Street in the heart of Fremantle's West End. LHS website.

Moerlina began as Lance Holt School Claremont in 1974. Moerlina's first 'home' was the Members' Pavilion in the Claremont Showgrounds. The entire school was packed up every Friday night and re-established every Monday. In 1977 the School moved to the Homecrafts Pavilion. At the same time, the Lance Holt School dissolved their association and thus Moerlina came into existence. Moerlina School website.

The Lance Holt School building at 10 Henry St was built in 1892, and later was the Federal Coffee Palace (a hotel without a liquor license). The warehouse and offices were apparently built for Philip Webster, and were later occupied by various tenants until the City bought it in 1972. The School has occupied it since 1974 and owned it since 1985.

Development on the Lance Holt site has a timeline similar to many Fremantle blocks. There were two stone houses there in the 1840s, and a shop and confectioner's in the 1880s; the Federal Coffee Lounge was built in 1892 at the start of the gold rush boom. The building was a warehouse holding jams during the Second World War, then housed a printer before being bought by Main Roads for its Henry Street highway project. (Davidson 2007: 275)

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