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Christian Brothers College

freo park 1909

CBC is between High, Ellen and Stirling Streets, occupying most of the city block. The oldest building is Edmund Hall, on High St. The school uses Fremantle Park, which can be seen in this 1909 photo, as its playing fields. The school itself is left of centre. Fremantle History Centre image #1775 (cropped).

The Fremantle Catholic Boys School was opened in 1882 in Edmund Hall, with thirty primary-age boys under the management of Otto de Grancy. In 1901, the Christian Brothers order took over the Parish School, then called St Patrick's Boys School, and began the establishment of a secondary school.

Christian Brothers College, which in 1901 had taken over the older portion of its present building where Mr Otto de Grancy had conducted the Roman Catholic Boys School. Ewers, 109.

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