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Wadjemup Lighthouse

History, Construction and Operation of the Second Lighthouse

wadjlightA replacement lighthouse was proposed in 1892, with $12,000 being set aside by the Government. A survey was done in 1894 and the foundation stone was laid by the Premier, Lord Forrest on 25th April, 1895. A glass bottle containing coins, newspapers and a copy of the plans was sealed into the foundations and is presumably still there. It was built adjacent to the existing lighthouse and was completed using free and convict labour under the supervision of C.Y. O’Connor. Limestone appears to have been taken from a quarry adjacent to the beach at Nancy Cove and brought to the lighthouse via a horse-drawn tram. The new lighthouse was opened by Governor Smith 17 March 1896.

Opening the new lighthouse at Rottnest Island by His Excellency The Governor, Sir Gerard Smith, March 17th 1896 >

Built by Edward Staples. Notes on reverse of photograph suggest figure on top of lighthouse could be Edward Staples. Party present includes Sir John & Lady Forrest, Sir George & Lady Shenton, Messrs D.K. Congdon, E.W. Davies, W.E. Marmion, Geo. Randell, E. Solomon, M.L. Moss, Chief Harbour Master Capt. Russell, Asst. to the Engineer-in-Chief Mr G.T. Poole, Fremantle Resident magistrate Mr R. Fairbairn, Dr Waylen, and other "prominent residents". (West Australian 18.3.1896, p.5a-b) Photo and text SLWA.

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