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Ships Quiz

All of the answers to these questions may be found on this website.

1. What was the name of the ship that brought to what is now Western Australia the first British officer to claim the territory for the Crown?

2. What was the ship in which James Stirling arrived in 1827 to investigate the possibility of establishing a colony on the Swan River?

3. What was the name of Captain Fremantle's ship in which he arrived in 1829 to claim - once again - the western part of the continent for the British Empire.

4. What was the ship on which James Stirling arrived as a passenger at the beginning of June 1829 to begin setting up the Swan River Colony?

5. What ship arrived 23 August 1829 with 104 passengers, and was wrecked at the Arthur Head end of Bathers Bay 4 September? Its name was given both to the point on which it was wrecked and also to the one at the other end of Bathers Bay. For extra points, what was the wreck used for?

6. What ship brought the military who accompanied the first settlers, arriving 8 June 1829? You might know the name of its commander, as his wife chopped down (or pretended to) that tree in Barrack Street Perth. You know—the one in the painting.

7. You may not be familiar with the names of the Hooghly and the Gilmore (or Gilmour), two of the three ships that brought Thomas Peel's settlers to the colony. But you certainly know the name of the third ship, as it was given to a significant locality. The ship in question was driven on shore and wrecked. What was its name?

8. We've already looked at the first passenger ship. Its name was given to one of Kwinana's dormitory suburbs. What are the other suburbs there named after early ship arrivals? (I think there are four altogether.)

9. What was the ship that brought the first transported convicts? You should also try to get the year.

10. What was the name of the steamship which 'sailed' into the new Fremantle Harbour (in the Swan River) to mark its opening, 4 May 1897?


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