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The Cemetery Quiz

Here's a hard quiz, all of the answers to which may be found on this website—tho not necessarily easily.

1. There have been three cemeteries in Fremantle. Who was the last person to be interred in the second, Skinner Street Cemetery, in 1923, even tho the current cemetery opened in 1899?

2. The first cemetery, on Alma Street, was consecrated in 1831. Where were the 19 or so people who died in 1829-1930 apparently interred?

3. Who is the only (dead) person to have his own personal entrance into Fremantle Cemetery?

4. The earliest gravestone in the current cemetery is thought also to be the first in Fremantle. Who is the person so fortunately remembered?

5. Margaret and Patrick Hagan's rather fine headstone is in the Fremantle Cemetery, but their remains are not underneath it. Where are they?

6. Whose headstone from the Alma Street cemetery was found being used as a hearthstone in a house in East Fremantle? It is now on an (empty) grave in the Fremantle Cemetery.

7. Who died on board a ship and 'was put in a zinc case with rum, slung from the cabin roof and so brought to harbour'?

8. When the Carrington Street Cemetery (the current Fremantle Cemetery) opened in 1899, who had his grandfather, father and mother exhumed and reinterred in the Anglican section in the new graveyard?

9. Where is the 'Eastern Gates Lookout' and what did the gates once admit entry into?

10. Buried in the Jewish Orthodox section of Fremantle Cemetery is the body of a man who was not born a Jew. Who was he and why is he there?


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