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Police Stations

In the early months there were many grog shops and much drunkenness and petty thievery. Lieutenant Governor Stirling’s response was to appoint unpaid magistrates and constables. On 9 December James Henty and George Leake were appointed Justices of the Peace for Fremantle. At the same time Richard Lewis was appointed Chief Constable with Robert Maydwell and Thomas Wall as Constables. On 30 August the following year Thomas Bannister was appointed the first Government Resident in Fremantle, charged with the superintendence of the general interest and welfare of the townspeople. Errington, 2017.

The first dedicated police station was in existence from the early 1850s, and may be seen in many photos taken from Arthur Head looking up High St, as it was the first building on the right.

high st

The police station is the one-storey building on the right. It was replaced by the tramways carbarn of 1905.


The second station, 1888, was in the complex in Henderson St, still standing, but privatised in 2016.


The police are currently operating out of the former National Australia Bank building at 88 High St. It goes right through to Leake St, so police cars can also park there and officers go in by the rear entrance.

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