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Guildford (Mandoon), Western Australia, is bounded to the west by the Swan River, across which is Bassendean (formerly West Guildford), to the south by the Helena River, across which is South Guildford, to the east by Woodbridge, and to the north by the Swan River again, across which is Caversham.

Guildford was established in 1829 at the confluence of the Helena River and Swan River, being sited near a permanent fresh water supply. It was named by James Stirling after his father-in-law’s electorate in Surrey, England. His Woodbridge House (named after his wife Ellen's place of origin) is now open to the public. Guildford and Woodbridge are suburbs of Perth. In the town centre in Stirling Square park is Gothic Revival St Matthew’s Church. The 19th-century Colonial Gaol, Guildford Courthouse, and Taylor's Cottage are nearby. The cottage shows a typical workman’s home from the late 19th century. 

Guildford, Woodbridge, South Guildford, and Caversham are a few of the many localities in the local government area called the City of Swan.

Guildford had a convict hiring depot.

Buildings of historic interest in Guildford include: the Garrick Theatre (former commissariat), the colonial gaol, the Mechanics Institute, the courthouse, Taylor's Cottage, a washhouse, Woodbridge House, Town Hall, four hotels, St Matthew's Church.

People of historic interest to Guildford include: James Stirling, William Preston, Charles Harper.

Places of historic interest in Guildford include: Stirling Square Park, Meadow Street.

Lost buildings of historic interest that were in Guildford include: most of the buildings of the convict depot - only the gaol, commissariat, and superindentant's house remain.

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